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Workplace Harassment

Workplace Harassment

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The Workplace Harassment course is a comprehensive program designed to address the issue of harassment in the workplace. It covers various aspects, beginning with an understanding of the background, including the relevant laws and how to identify harassment. Participants are guided through the development of an anti-harassment policy, emphasizing what should be covered and the importance of educating employees on the topic.

The course delves into the policies and procedures within the workplace, including statements of anti-harassment policies, employee and employer rights and responsibilities, and proper procedures for both those who experience harassment and those accused of harassment. It also addresses the sensitive issue of false allegations, providing guidance on how to address such situations while ensuring confidentiality and avoiding retaliation. Additionally, the course explores alternative options such as union grievance procedures and mediation. Sexual harassment is specifically defined and discussed, including common scenarios. Conflict resolution techniques and the aftermath of harassment incidents are also covered.

This course equips organizations and individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively prevent and address workplace harassment, fostering a safe and respectful work environment.

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