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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

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The Supply Chain Management course provides comprehensive insights into the world of supply chains, emphasizing their significance in enhancing customer satisfaction, improving performance, and reducing costs. It covers essential supply chain terminology, explores the three levels (strategic, tactical, and operational) and five stages (plan, source, make, deliver, return) of supply chain management, and highlights the importance of managing product, information, and financial flows.

The course also delves into inventory management, supply chain groups (suppliers, producers, customers), and tracking and monitoring tools (dashboards, RFID, alerts), ensuring participants gain a holistic understanding of supply chain operations. Additionally, it addresses supply chain event management, empowering learners to proactively manage supply chain issues.

Overall, this course equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in supply chain roles, optimize processes, and contribute to the success of organizations by delivering efficient and cost-effective supply chain solutions.

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