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Sales Fundamentals

Sales Fundamentals

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The Sales Fundamentals course is designed to equip participants with the core skills and knowledge needed for successful sales. The course begins by laying the groundwork with an introduction to different types of sales and common sales approaches, along with a glossary of terms to familiarize participants with sales jargon. The next module focuses on preparation for making sales calls, including identifying the contact person, performing a needs analysis, and creating potential solutions tailored to those needs. Creative approaches to opening sales conversations are then explored, covering techniques for both warm and cold calls, and using referrals effectively.

As the course progresses, it delves into the art of making a pitch, highlighting the importance of communicating features and benefits, outlining a unique selling position, and addressing the key concerns of potential customers. Handling objections is a crucial part of the training, where common objections are discussed along with basic and advanced strategies for addressing them. The course then guides participants through the process of closing a sale, teaching them to recognize the right moment to close, and introducing powerful closing techniques.

Follow-up strategies are also covered, including sending thank you notes, resolving customer service issues, and maintaining contact. Setting sales goals using the SMART criteria and managing sales data through computerized or manual systems are also key components of the course. Additionally, the use of a prospect board is explained, providing a practical tool for organizing and tracking sales progress. The course concludes by summarizing the key lessons learned and facilitating the development of action plans for participants to apply their new skills in real-world sales scenarios.

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