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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

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The Presentation Skills course is tailored to enhance the abilities of professionals in creating and delivering effective presentations. The course starts with foundational elements, including an icebreaker, housekeeping items, and setting clear workshop objectives. Module Two dives into the creation of the presentation program, guiding participants through performing a needs analysis, writing a basic outline, and the processes of researching, writing, and editing. This is followed by Module Three, which focuses on selecting appropriate delivery methods, ranging from basic to advanced techniques, and considering the criteria for choosing these methods.

As the course progresses, it emphasizes the importance of both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Participants learn the difference between listening and hearing, the art of asking questions, and how to communicate with power. The course also covers non-verbal aspects such as body language, gestures, and the signals sent to the audience, emphasizing the adage, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." Techniques for overcoming nervousness, including mental preparation and physical relaxation, are provided to help presenters appear confident. The course then delves into the use of various presentation tools such as flip charts, PowerPoint, whiteboards, videos, and audio, offering tips, tricks, and contingency planning (Plan B). The final modules focus on making presentations more engaging and interactive, including using humor, encouraging discussion, and handling questions effectively. 

The course wraps up with a review of key takeaways and the completion of action plans and evaluations, equipping professionals with comprehensive skills to deliver impactful and memorable presentations.

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