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Meeting Management

Meeting Management

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The Meeting Management course is tailored to enhance skills in organizing and conducting effective meetings. The course starts with the planning and preparation stages of meetings, including identifying participants, choosing the right time and place, creating an agenda, gathering materials, sending invitations, and making logistical arrangements. The course then guides attendees on setting up the meeting space, covering essentials, extra touches, and the selection of physical arrangements.

A significant portion of the course is devoted to understanding electronic options for meetings, discussing available choices and factors to consider before making a final decision. It also outlines the roles and responsibilities within a meeting, such as the chairperson, minute taker, and attendees, and addresses variations for both large and small meetings. Chairing a meeting is another key topic, focusing on starting the meeting effectively, utilizing the agenda, and managing the discussion through techniques like using a parking lot for off-topic items. The course also covers strategies for keeping the meeting on track, handling disruptions, and dealing with overtime and participant accountability. Additionally, it includes practical guidance on taking minutes and creative ways to make meetings more engaging and productive, such as using games and giving prizes. 

This course is ideal for anyone responsible for organizing or leading meetings, providing them with the tools to conduct meetings that are efficient, productive, and engaging.

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