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Measuring Results From Training

Measuring Results From Training

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The Measuring Results from Training course provides comprehensive insights into evaluating the effectiveness of training programs. It commences with an introduction to foundational aspects and workshop objectives. A significant focus is on Kolb’s Learning Styles, where participants learn about the four-stage process and different learner types: Accommodators, Divergers, Convergers, and Assimilators. The course then introduces Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation, a key model in training evaluation, detailing the four levels: Reactions, Learning, Behavior, and Results. This model is central to understanding and measuring the impact and effectiveness of training initiatives.

Further, the course explores a variety of measurement tools, including goal setting, various forms of evaluations (self, peer, supervisor), and high-level assessments. Focusing the training is emphasized through needs assessment and the creation of learning objectives. The course also guides participants in developing an evaluation plan, considering aspects like timing, methodology, and evaluators. Assessment techniques are covered for pre-training, during training, and post-training periods, utilizing methods such as workplace observation, quizzes, skill assessments, and learning journals. The latter part of the course addresses the long-term evaluation of training effectiveness, including calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) and making a business case.

This course equips participants with the tools and knowledge necessary for effectively measuring and enhancing the impact of training programs in their organizations.

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