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High Performance Teams - Remote Workforce

High Performance Teams - Remote Workforce

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The High Performance Teams Remote Workforce course is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage and participate in high-performing remote teams. The course begins by defining what a remote workforce is, exploring its various types, and discussing the benefits and necessary materials for remote working. This sets the stage for understanding the dynamics and advantages of high performance teams, including effective leadership and team dynamics. The course then delves into the characteristics of such teams, emphasizing excellent communication, goal orientation, flexibility, and commitment.

Further modules focus on building teamwork, identifying individual and group responsibilities, empowering action, fostering relationships, and providing feedback. Communication methods for remote teams are explored, covering virtual meetings, telephone conferences, email, and social media communication. Training is another key aspect, with emphasis on telecommute and web-based training, peer-to-peer learning, and ongoing training assessments. Managing the team includes tracking performance, counseling, and positive recognition, reinforcing that training is an ongoing process. The course also provides practical tips for effective team meetings and maintaining a motivated and happy team environment, addressing conflict management, feedback mechanisms, and opportunities for growth and education.

It concludes by highlighting what not to do with high-performance teams, such as neglecting to share success or leading autocratically. Ideal for managers and team members in remote settings, this course offers valuable insights into creating and sustaining high-performance teams in the remote work era.

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