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Leadership and Influence

Leadership and Influence

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The Leadership and Influence course is meticulously designed to enhance leadership skills and influential capabilities. The course begins with an introduction and workshop objectives, followed by an extensive exploration of leadership evolution. This includes defining leadership, understanding its characteristics and principles, and a historical overview encompassing theories like the Great Man Theory and Trait Theory, as well as modern concepts like Transformational Leadership. Module Three introduces Situational Leadership, covering various styles such as Telling, Selling, Participating, and Delegating, enabling participants to adapt their leadership approach to different situations.

The course then encourages personal growth with a module dedicated to a personal inventory, inspired by Kouzes and Posner's leadership model. This includes setting leadership goals, choosing role models, and creating a personal mission statement. Subsequent modules focus on key leadership aspects: Modeling the Way, Inspiring a Shared Vision, Challenging the Process, and Enabling Others to Act. Each module provides practical strategies for becoming an inspirational role model, communicating vision, fostering innovation, and building trust and respect within a team. The course also emphasizes the importance of recognizing and celebrating achievements, integrating this practice into organizational culture. It concludes with modules on the art of persuasion and influence, setting SMART goals, and creating long-term plans and support systems.

This course is ideal for existing and aspiring leaders across various sectors who seek to deepen their understanding of effective leadership and influence, fostering a culture of innovation, mutual respect, and achievement in their organizations.

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