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Delivering Constructive Criticism

Delivering Constructive Criticism

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Our Delivering Constructive Criticism course is expertly crafted for professionals who aspire to excel in providing effective feedback. This course meticulously guides you through the essentials of constructive criticism, beginning with foundational workshop objectives and progressing into the intricacies of when and how to deliver feedback effectively. Learn to navigate challenging situations, such as repeated behaviors or policy breaches, with tact and professionalism. The course emphasizes the importance of preparation, including gathering facts, honing your tone, creating actionable plans, and maintaining detailed records.

Dive deeper into the art of feedback with modules focused on selecting the optimal time and place, employing the "Feedback Sandwich" technique, and mastering body language and active listening. You will also explore goal-setting using the SMART framework and collaborative strategies for mutual success. Crucially, the course equips you with skills to diffuse negativity and avoid common feedback pitfalls. The journey concludes with post-feedback strategies to ensure ongoing support and measurable improvement.

This course is designed for managers, team leaders, human resource professionals, and anyone in a supervisory role who seeks to foster a constructive, growth-oriented work environment through effective communication and feedback.

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