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Preventing Workplace Violence

Preventing Workplace Violence

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Our Workplace Violence course offers solutions for professionals eager to cultivate a safe and respectful work environment. This comprehensive program guides participants through identifying and addressing workplace harassment and bullying, with a focus on understanding its impact on businesses. The course offers practical insights into recognizing and managing abusive behaviors and personality disorders, notably narcissism and bullying. Additionally, it equips participants with skills in conflict resolution, communication, and strategic de-escalation techniques, preparing them to handle challenging workplace scenarios with confidence and tact.

This course is not just theoretical; it emphasizes practical application and empathy, exploring both the employer's and the victim's perspectives. It includes a detailed checklist for employers, covering policies, ethics, and procedures to foster a harmonious workplace. Participants will also learn how to identify potential bullies during the recruitment process and navigate the complexities of the complaint investigation process. The course culminates in the development of a comprehensive workplace harassment policy, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of creating a supportive work environment.

This program is designed for those who want to contribute to a safer, more inclusive workplace.

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