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Handling a Difficult Customer

Handling a Difficult Customer

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The Handling a Difficult Customer workshop provides valuable insights and strategies for effectively managing challenging customer interactions. It begins by emphasizing the importance of maintaining the right attitude and managing both internal and external stress. Participants learn about Transactional Analysis and the roles of Parent, Adult, and Child in customer interactions, helping them understand customer behavior better.

The course explores why some customers may be difficult, whether due to past bad experiences, a desire for resolution, or general unhappiness. It offers specific techniques for dealing with difficult customers over the phone and in person, focusing on active listening, building rapport, and responding with positivity. Sensitivity in dealing with various types of difficult customers, including angry, rude, culturally diverse, and unsatisfied ones, is addressed. The workshop also provides real-life scenarios and case studies to illustrate effective approaches to handling challenging situations. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of following up with customers after addressing their complaints to ensure their satisfaction. In conclusion, this course equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate difficult customer interactions successfully.

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