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Telework and Telecommuting

Telework and Telecommuting

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The Telework and Telecommuting course is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required for successful remote work. It begins by emphasizing core skills, including self-management, time management, organizing and planning, and effective communication.

The course covers self-management in depth, focusing on problem-solving, motivation, accountability, and the importance of recognizing and eliminating bad habits while establishing good ones. Time management strategies are explored, such as building flexibility into schedules, identifying and eliminating time-wasters, and effectively using free time. The Urgent/Important Matrix, deadline management, and procrastination avoidance are also discussed.

Organization and planning are key components, covering topics like stress management, setting up a home office, dealing with technology issues, and establishing a productive daily routine. Communication skills for remote work are highlighted, including choosing the right communication medium, being clear and concise, and maintaining open and frequent communication.

The course also addresses the challenges of remote work, including building trust and rapport, combating isolation, managing the boundary between work and personal life, and dealing with reduced feedback.

Participants will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to thrive in a telework or telecommuting environment.

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