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Customer Service

Customer Service

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The Customer Service course is tailored to enhance the skills necessary for providing exceptional customer service in various business contexts. It starts by defining who the customers are (both internal and external), what customer service entails, and who are the providers of these services. The course emphasizes the importance of a positive attitude in customer service, highlighting the impact of appearance, a smile, staying energized, and maintaining a positive outlook.

The course then focuses on understanding and addressing customer needs, including techniques for problem-solving, thinking creatively, and going beyond basic requirements to deliver exceptional service. There's a strong emphasis on generating return business through effective follow-up, handling complaints, and converting difficult customers into loyal ones. The program covers different modes of customer service, including in-person interactions, over the phone, and through electronic channels, each with its own set of advantages, disadvantages, and best practices.

Key modules include strategies for dealing with difficult customers, such as de-escalating anger, finding common ground, and managing one’s own emotions. It also discusses when and how to escalate issues that go beyond normal service scenarios, including dealing with vulgarity and legal threats. The course concludes with a compilation of top tips for consistently delivering outstanding customer service and a final wrap-up session reviewing key lessons and action plans.

This course is ideal for anyone looking to improve their customer service skills and build lasting relationships with clients.

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