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Crisis Management

Crisis Management

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The Crisis Management course is designed to provide comprehensive training on handling and preventing crises in the workplace, particularly focusing on workplace violence. The course begins with an understanding of what constitutes a crisis, differentiating between internal and external risks, and covering aspects of aggression and violence through case studies. It then delves deeper into workplace violence, exploring its various forms including threats, psychological and physical acts, and the myths surrounding workplace violence, such as its unpredictability and rarity.

Further modules examine the escalation of violence, highlighting concerning behaviors like stalking, bullying, emotional abuse, and their potential to lead to more serious incidents. The course also discusses indicators of domestic violence and its impact on the workplace. Key triggers of workplace violence, such as financial strain or reprimands, are identified to help participants recognize early warning signs. The course then provides strategies for responding to these situations, including noting areas of concern, discussing and reporting incidents, and implementing appropriate policies and programs. Additionally, the course covers the development of emergency procedures and the importance of training employees to handle crisis situations effectively.

This program is essential for professionals seeking to enhance their skills in crisis management and ensure a safe and secure workplace environment.

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