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Contract Management

Contract Management

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The Contract Management course offers a comprehensive overview of the essentials of managing contracts effectively in a business context. Starting with the basics, it defines contract management, exploring different contract types, elements, and the risks associated with poor management. This foundational knowledge is enhanced with case studies for practical understanding. The course then progresses to cover legal and ethical aspects of contract management, including key principles of contract law and the importance of maintaining ethical standards in contract dealings.

Further into the program, participants will learn about the processes involved in creating and managing contracts, from selecting bidders and using Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to drafting contracts with appropriate templates, software, and compliance considerations. The course also delves into contract negotiations, performance assessments, and maintaining effective relationships, equipping participants with skills to negotiate terms, measure performance, and build trust. Additionally, it covers critical aspects such as amending contracts, conducting audits, and renewing contracts.

This course is ideal for professionals who manage contracts or are involved in the contract management process, seeking to enhance their skills in ensuring effective and compliant contract administration.

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