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Archiving and Record Management

Archiving and Record Management

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The Archiving and Record Management course is a comprehensive program designed for professionals seeking to enhance their skills in managing and preserving organizational records. The course begins with the basics of records management, exploring the definition of records, their life cycle, and the distinction between archives and records. It then progresses to the management of record systems, including the identification of what constitutes a record, the development of management standards, and the implementation of record programs.

Further modules delve into the context of records management, covering techniques for analyzing records, understanding organizational and legal requirements, and conducting records surveys. The course also provides in-depth knowledge on classification systems, prioritizing and assessing records, and developing effective classification tools. Participants will learn about managing paper-based, electronic, and hybrid record systems, with a focus on arranging, grouping, metadata, and system design. Additionally, the course covers appraisal strategies, record maintenance, and the creation of archives.

Participants of our Archiving and Records Management  will know how to classify records, define and maintain different systems, and develop a keen understanding of the importance of records management.

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